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NOSPlan is a platform for students. We understand this fact and working towards using it’s full potential. Social media has been a medium for all of us to share our achievements, creations and ideas. We, here at NOSPlan, are providing students with  the opportunity to share their works, creations, ideas and art to a wider audience through our various social media pages!

What type of Content do we expect?

We are looking for original contents from the students hence, for  every post the student will be given credits. Content should in someway relate to urban planning, or to students of urban planning. the content can include, but is not limited to :

  • Written Content like: Poems, Stories, Experiences, Ideas

  • Graphical Content like: Photos, sketches, posters, short videos

  • Education Content: Sheets, Facts-Findings & Figures, Simplified Planning theories & Practices

  • Fun Stuff like: Memes, Polls

Where will it be Shared?

All the content shared here will be posted on NOSPlan’s Official social media pages and groups. Presently we are targeting the social media platforms which include:

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