About Planning Tank

Planning Tank is the Urban, Regional, and Rural planning knowledge base which provides insight into to urban and rural areas. It focuses on educating, engaging and developing the community. Planning Tank provides information on various topics, theories, schemes and concepts of Urban Planning. It also provides various definitions and standards adopted by different departments, sample assignments on various topics related to urban and regional planning for reference of students.

NOSPlan in collaboration with Planning Tank

Dear Student Members of NOSPlan,

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that NOSPlan-Organisation of Students of Planning, has come about a collaboration with Planning Tank, a web-based platform focusing on promoting Urban Planning and allied fields by various means. The collaboration aims at providing member students of the organization with an opportunity to become an exclusive content writer for the website.

The aim of this initiative is to promote students in the field of spatial planning to create and in the process study different fields and sectors concerning the subject. As a result, this shall help the students of planning fraternity of India to generate and contribute to one of the leading content publishers in India. The partnership aims to produce a few exceptional articles, stories, poems, write-ups and videos which will shape a general identity and role of planners. Something people can share & take pride in sharing. Putting the profession in good light, showing the responsibilities which planners are fulfilling & can fulfil. This helps in understanding what people are able to connect & relate to. We hope to meet you soon!

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