NOSPlan council meet held at NITTE Bangalore
Pragatyev Pratishtha - Dignity in Development
Pragatyev Pratishtha - Dignity in Development


NOSPlan is an organization to develop the community of planning students to become better planning professionals of tomorrow. It is a platform for interaction between the planning students and the entire planning fraternity at large. It provides a platform for student planners to raise their voices and project their ideas about current planning practices.


Annual magazine 2020-21

Greetings to all the readers

The NOSPlan Publication Cell is delighted to present the Annual Magazine of the year 2020 – 21. The magazine is a selection of the best writings that connect with the convention motif, PUNARUTTHAN – Resurge with Time, that encourages us to keep going.

Happy Reading!

Hello everyone

Hope you are safe and in good health

The National Publication Cell is excited to release The 1st issue of Volume 6 of NEWSPLAN . The issue of June – August highlights the subject of urban resilience for climate change.

I thank all the members of National Publication Cell: the editorial team and the designing team for their commendable efforts to make this issue into its present form. I also thank all the Associate Editors for their contributions. Heartful appreciation to the members of Executive Council for their constant support .

Happy Reading

Rithvika Dara
Editor-in-Chief (EIC), 2021–22
NOSPlan- Organisation of Students of Planning India

NEWSPLAN 2020 Volume 5 Issue 2

Greetings to all!

Hope you all are well. The NOSPlan Publication Cell is publishing the second issue of NEWSPLAN for the Year 2020!! it brings me great joy to present it to you. This NEWSplan is based on the theme of COVID 19. We are as well expecting to get your contributions for the upcoming magazine and your participation in the Convention!

Enjoy the Read!
Chaitanya Lodha
Editor-in-Chief NOSPlan



From the Deep

As the sun goes down with a sleepy shine As men turn homeward to recline As sunlight dim on this land of mine I head onword with an unheard whine.   My path is green and desolate-untreated, untrodden And I pray others aren’t this way led For here you clamber, to death or dismay Loneliness

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  I spat at your profound apologies I cursed you would trip over the devil’s tail And that when you walked that fine bridge, Heaven on one side, Hell on the other In your right hand, all the good deeds of your day And in your left, all the sins for which you’d pay, You

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Financial Leveraging Strategies for Urban Transport

Archimedes famously said: “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth.” To lift a heavy object, there is a choice: whether to use leverage or not. A task can be performed, say to plan & implement a metropolitan scale urban public transportation system; directly – risking

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Dream Dream dream dream And dream untill dream come true Life is nothing but dreams Some accomplished, some unfinished Some dreams are trifle, some cherished You are nothing but a result of dreams Dreams, dreams and nothing but dreams A dream of someone or a dream of your own Dream is not what you dream

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Distant Dreams

Reflections, often a collage Dreams are a conniving mirage Realistic dreams, optimistic dreams, fantastic dreams, drastic dreams What / have are the “distant dreams”   Everything seems to be at a distance Trying to approach something, Something that is forever moving ahead I take a pause, breathe and pursue The search to incarcerate those dreams

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Development Paradigm

“Hidden behind city branding exercises through large projects are acts of land capture and slum demolitions by a predatory local state and crony capitalism. In the policy arena, meanwhile, the urban, and particularly the metropolitan story has been one of deliberate confusion, and fragmentation of policy and implementation. The promise of Rapid City transformation has

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