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Tackling Climate Change – Planners as an Asset

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity and requires immediate and collective action to mitigate its impacts. As cities and communities are responsible for a large portion of global greenhouse gas emissions, planners play a critical role in tackling this issue. Planners have the skills and expertise to design and implement strategies …

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From the Deep

As the sun goes down with a sleepy shine As men turn homeward to recline As sunlight dim on this land of mine I head onword with an unheard whine.   My path is green and desolate-untreated, untrodden And I pray others aren’t this way led For here you clamber, to death or dismay Loneliness …

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Dream Dream dream dream And dream untill dream come true Life is nothing but dreams Some accomplished, some unfinished Some dreams are trifle, some cherished You are nothing but a result of dreams Dreams, dreams and nothing but dreams A dream of someone or a dream of your own Dream is not what you dream …

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Distant Dreams

Reflections, often a collage Dreams are a conniving mirage Realistic dreams, optimistic dreams, fantastic dreams, drastic dreams What / have are the “distant dreams”   Everything seems to be at a distance Trying to approach something, Something that is forever moving ahead I take a pause, breathe and pursue The search to incarcerate those dreams …

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Development Paradigm

“Hidden behind city branding exercises through large projects are acts of land capture and slum demolitions by a predatory local state and crony capitalism. In the policy arena, meanwhile, the urban, and particularly the metropolitan story has been one of deliberate confusion, and fragmentation of policy and implementation. The promise of Rapid City transformation has …

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Inclusion is Exclusion without Empowerment

Introduction Inclusion of citizens in planning processes generally and decision-making situations specifically have become integral to planning practice in India. From plan making to plan implementation, inclusion of people is seen to be crucial as it enhances acceptability of planning policies. To further the ends of inclusive polity, Government of India handed over planning function …

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