From the Deep

As the sun goes down with a sleepy shine
As men turn homeward to recline
As sunlight dim on this land of mine
I head onword with an unheard whine.
My path is green and desolate-untreated, untrodden
And I pray others aren’t this way led
For here you clamber, to death or dismay
Loneliness your brethren, Darkness everyday
Traversed have I on every human plane,
And I have conte to understand, come to maintain…
That there is nothing called joy, there is only sorrow
That swells and ebbs, with each morrow
Byt young that I am and yet to understand
More of this world, this immortal strand
More of this life, that around me goes
With its pleasure and pain, happiness and woes.


Every step that take, every moment awake
I use it all, just for my sake
For the dust of the planes that I have been on alone
Makes me all sick, it makes me all worn.
I know time that were much better
When aplenty they were with love, to cheer
But time has come and time has gone
Leaving me desolate, uncared, all alone…
But throughout these paths that I have tread
I can look back, hold my head high
And I can with innocent pride say
Whatever I did, I did it in my way
Alone, I do tread on these paths of life
Alone, I do my fair share of strife
I wonder… will ever a day there be,
when same heart understands me….

Rajeev R
IV Year B. Planning
SPA Vijayawada
Annual NOSplan Magazine 2012

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