I spat at your profound apologies
I cursed you would trip over the devil’s tail
And that when you walked that fine bridge,
Heaven on one side, Hell on the other
In your right hand, all the good deeds of your day
And in your left, all the sins for which you’d pay,
You would tip into the licking flames
And my vengeance, at long last, sated.

My regrets are many
Silent and deep
Promises I’d forgotten; I’d sworn to keep
Memories are a curse
And to remember them – a sin
But could I forget
How you stabbed me from within?
Years you waited to gain my trust
And it took you but moments to sever it,
To desecrate that immortal strand.


Your life lay strewn around me
Though at first, blinded by disbelief I see
What you were, What you could have been…
A book of poems;
Why is my name etched inside?
It is you I see trapped here, your soul
Not your mistakes, not your faults
Not the choices you made
For your footsteps here, will forever stay
Every step and stagger,
Every moment of every day.


Confessions we have to make – Many
But there wasn’t time for goodbyes
Nor enough words
Your deceptions have eaten you alive
Yet, I hope
With eternal sleep comes peace.


But wait!!!
Pause I must For, what is this rosy hue upon my horizon?
This new scent in my breeze?
What is it that has brought strength to your sense?
And brought the comfort that I sought, to my wounds,
to my past?


Could it be… ..
“Why must I hesitate?
Tremble? Or falter?
For I know it is forgiveness;
A little late, Yes, But in a world of smoke and mirrors,
You may rest, dear friend,


Rajeev R
IV Year B. Planning
SPA Vijayawada
Annual NOSplan Magazine 2012

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