Distant Dreams

Reflections, often a collage

Dreams are a conniving mirage

Realistic dreams, optimistic dreams, fantastic dreams,

drastic dreams

What / have are the “distant dreams”


Everything seems to be at a distance

Trying to approach something,

Something that is forever moving ahead

I take a pause, breathe and pursue

The search to incarcerate those dreams

My distant dreams


Hurdles, obstacles, endless roads

All leading towards the distant dream

And when I almost reach, the whole world spins

In a huge leap it transforms into another distant dream


A dream within a dream, a vicious circle

That never completes its spin

From the inception of a distant dream

Follows the deception of my being.


Is it real, or just another chimera

I budge closer, only to find another dream

Another distant expression yet

Another distant dream


Entangled in the web, trying to solve the maze

Gone astray somewhere in the labyrinth

Sinking deeper to profoundness

Struggling hard to find an escape

I reach emptiness

Right in the center of the maze

The nothingness solved the mystery


The frames resolved, patching up a story

Images from my past and the reeling of my present

The aspirations, inhibitions and expectations of the my future

Nothing had changed, except the vantage point


Standing there alone in the emptiness

Instantly resolving my distant dreams

I could clearly see them unravel

Those are pure reflections of thoughts – Yours and mine



Ritika. H. Nagpure
CEPT University
Annual NOSplan Magazine 2012

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