Development Paradigm

“Hidden behind city branding exercises through large projects are acts of land capture and slum demolitions by a predatory local state and crony capitalism. In the policy arena, meanwhile, the urban, and particularly the metropolitan story has been one of deliberate confusion, and fragmentation of policy and implementation. The promise of Rapid City transformation has not been met through the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, which does something for infrastructure and something for housing but all in an uncoordinated project-by-project manner. Neither the infrastructure agenda nor shelter security for all is advanced. The urban reality instead has been one of gradual improvement, with or without these policy and branding initiatives.”

(REFERENCE: Mahadevia, Darshini in “Branded and Renewed? Policies, Politics and Processes of Urban Development in the Reform Era”, EPW July 30, 2011 Vol XIVI No 31)

The sketch tries to have an artistic depiction of that side of the truth which is inherent but is avoided. A question asked more often now. What about the people at the other side of the project? What about them who has to deal with the immediate effects of decisions on development- projects? In this poem and the sketch asks such a man of his fallacious truth. In the long run where would my future lie and where would I be. If the decisions are made, my water or my precious truth I am a part of you and the color is red because now it has my vows too.


Few People Decide

Where I Would Be

Few People

Decide My Life To Be


Vows You Gave Me

My Mother Water

Time Old

Names Any

They Could Be


If You Take It

The Beauty Of Water

My Blood Had Traces Left

On It


O Narmada

O Sabarmati

U Flow


And My Truth

Your Fallacy.

Aagya Purohit
Il Year Urban & Regional Planning
CEPT University
Annual NOSplan magazine 2012

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